Artist Profile No. 3 Andrea

Andrea Vasiliou is an English bred Actor and Model, now adding Activewear Co-Founder to her resume with a new line, Lotus On Air. Our worlds collided in 2015 when we met as fellow Amazon sisters in Wonder Woman. Since then we’ve maintained a fabulous friendship and always dive into the deepest of conversations about art, work, rebuilding after rejection and boys - but we left boys out of this one. There’s more important lessons to be learned right now…

To Seek Attention

Ladies… I think I’ve come to a bit more of an understanding as to why we date D-Bags.  And why we can't figure it out when we’ve met an actual decent guy.  And why we get bored and go for the bad boys again. 

Julia Speaks

I ended a relationship recently, and at some point along the way my darling friend and surrogate sister Olivia – everyone’s favourite ass-kicking, blog-writing, movie star Amazon warrior princess – wrote a blogpost for me after a Homerically long London-to-Los-Angeles facetime sesh one night: The Julia.